Aug 31 2015

City Council Meeting Tuesday, September 1st

The City Council meeting will take place Tuesday, September 1st at 6 PM.

The Council Packet can be found here.

Attachment H, 2012 Financial Report can be found here.

Aug 14 2015

No Planning Commission meeting this month

There will be no Planning Commission meeting this month. The Commission met earlier this month in a joint public hearing.

Aug 04 2015

City of Adair Village Water

It has been reported that the water here in Adair Village has a funny earthy taste to it over the last few days. The City would like to assure you that the water is safe to drink. The taste is due to the extreme temperatures in the Willamette River and our reservoirs. Below is the conversation that we had with the City of Corvallis. If you have any questions you can contact Pat Hare City Administrator at 541 745-5507.

Regarding you inquiry on the taste and odor complaints with the drinking water from citizens of Adair Village I contacted the City of Corvallis as you requested. I spoke with John Kelker the Water Operations Supervisor for the City of Corvallis and explained our issues with him. He said the Corvallis is experiencing the exact same issues as we are and at this point there is little that either of us can do to combat the problem.

The issues are caused by warmer than normal water temperatures in the river, extremely low river flows and algae. The algae are not blue green algae and are not harmful. These issues are usually seasonal and are common for this time of year but with the extreme weather we are experiencing the issues are worse this particular year.

John expressed the water is completely safe to drink and that the taste and odor was just an astatic.
John recommended we post something on our website explaining the issues and reassuring the public that the water is safe to drink.

Here is a Link to an Article in the Gazette Times on August 6, 2015 discussing this issue. Just put it in your browser.

Jul 30 2015

City Council, Joint Public Hearing, and Planning Commission Meetings August 4th

There will be a Joint Public Hearing on August 4th starting at 6 PM. The packet is below.

Joint Public Hearing Packet

There will be a Planning Commission Meeting on August 4th starting at 6 PM. The agenda is below.

Planning Commission Agenda

The City Council will be meeting on August 4th starting at 6 PM. The Council Packet is below.

August 4th City Council Packet



Jul 14 2015

Garage Sales This Weekend

There are a ton of garage sales happening this weekend in Adair Village. Here is a list of those participating:


Friday July 17th and Saturday July 18th
8484 NE Barberry Drive
168 Azalea Drive


Saturday Only
8759 Box Elder
112 NE Columbia
8477 NE Barberry
8768 Box Elder
186 Azalea Dr.

Jul 14 2015

Planning Commission Meeting July 15, 2015

The packet for tomorrow’s meeting is below.

July 15, 2015 Planning Commission Packet

Jul 07 2015

City Council Meeting Tonight at 6 PM

The City Council will meet tonight at 6 PM. The Council Packet for tonight’s meeting is available below.

July 7, 2015 Council Packet

Jun 24 2015

Free Rides for Under 18 on Transit

The City of Adair Village will again implement a free ride for youth under 18 years old on the 99W Express buses for the summer.

You can sign up at City Hall and pick up you pass for the summer.

Rides on CTS (Corvallis Transit System) are free once you get into town.

Buses run four (4) times a day Monday through Friday.  Pick up a schedule and a pass at City Hall.

Jun 23 2015

2014 Water Quality Report

Adair Village CCR 2014

The link above will connect you to the City’s 2014 Water Quality Report.

Adair Village water exceeds purity levels in all categories.

Jun 22 2015

City Website Is Back On-Line

The City’s website developed a problem, which grew worse over the last few months.  Initially, we thought that it was simply a firewall problem with some outside firewall programs, but we were wrong.  It got progressively worse, until even we could not access the site.  We apologize to all of you for whom this caused problems.

But, we have now (we believe) solved the problem.  Please use the site and report back to us if you run into any problems.  We are committed to having a well working, up-to-date website, but it will take a short while to catch back up with everything.

Thank you for the patience that we required of you while we worked out the problem.

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