Jul 15 2014

Planning Commission Meets July 16th

The Adair Village Planning Commission will meet at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at City Hall.   The PC will conduct a final review of the updates of the Goals and Objectives of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

140716 Meeting Agenda-Draft

Attachment A-140128 Minutes-Draft

Attachment B-140128 Minutes-Draft

Attachment C-140521 Minutes-Draft

Comprehensive Plan Goals and Outcomes Update

Section 9.100 Planning

Section 9.200 Environment

Section 9.300 Population & Economy

Section 9.400 Housing

Section 9.500 Land Use

Section 9.600 Public Facilities & Services

Section 9.700 Transportation

Section 9.800 Growth Management




Jul 08 2014

Adair Village Garage Sale

The annual Adair Village Garage Sale will take place on August 16th and 17th. It is being coordinated by Stacy Mosbrucker. If you would like your house added to the map please email Stacy at stacybigham@hotmail.com. There is also a facebook event called “Adair Annual Garage Sale” please share it with your friends and spread the word.

Jul 02 2014

August City Council Meeting Moved

The Adair Village City Council will meet on Monday, August 11 at 6:00 PM.  The regular first Tuesday meeting will not take place.  This a one time only change to the meeting date.

Jun 30 2014

July 1, 2014 City Council Meeting

The Adair Village City Council will meet at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at City Hall.  Additional packet documents are below

140701 Agenda-Final

Attachment A-1 140603-Budget Committee Minutes-Draft

Attachment A-2 140603 City Council Minutes-Draft

Attachment B-1-Billings through 140617

Attachment B-2 Billings through 140701

Attachment C-Community Service Officer Rpt

Attachment D-Public Works Report-2014-06

Attachment E-City Administrator’s Report-140701

Attachment F-Benton County Sheriff’s Office Report-2014-06

Staff Report-Attachment G-Financial Report-140630

Attachment G-Financial Report-Totals by Line Item

Attachment G-Financial Report-Totals by Fund

Staff Report-Attachmnet H-Found Property Policy

Attachment H-Unclaimed Property Policy






Jun 13 2014

Free Summer Transit for Under 18.

Adair Village City Council has arranged FREE rides on the 99 Express-from Adair Village to Corvallis-this summer from June 16th through August 29th.  Once in Corvallis, Corvallis Transit offers free rides throughout the city.

Youth must live in Adair Village and be under 18.  Bring identification to City Hall and sign up and you will be issued a summer pass.                                           !!COME RIDE THE BUS!!


Jun 13 2014

June Planning Commission Meeting Canceled

The Adair Village Planning Commission will NOT meet in June.  Their next meeting will be their regularly scheduled Wednesday, July 16th meeting @ 7:00 PM.

Jun 04 2014

Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report

The 2013 Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report is attached below.  Adair Village’s water meets all EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) parameters.

   -   Adair Village CCR 2013   -

May 30 2014

2014 – 15 Adair Village Budget & Budget Message

The 2014-15 Budget and Budget Message, as recommended by the Budget Committee, to the City Council is available to download below.  Copies are also available for review at City Hall.

-  2014-15-Adair Village Budget Message

2014-15 Combined Adair Village Budget

May 30 2014

City Council Meets Tuesday, June 3rd

The Adair Village City Council will meet at immediately following the Budget Committee (~6:20-6:30 PM) on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at City Hall. All missing attachments will be available Monday, June 2nd.

140603 City council Draft Agenda

Attachment A-140506 CC Minutes-Draft

Attachment B-1 Billings May 07-14

Attachment B-2 Billings-2014 0515-0603

Attachment C-Community Service Officer Report-2014May

Attachment D-Public Works Report 2014-05

Attachment E 140603 City Administrator’s Report

Attachment F 2014-05 BCSO Patrol Report

Attachment G-140531 Financials by Line Item

Attachment G-1-140531 Financials by Fund

Staff Report-Attach H-Resolution 2014-03

Attachment H-Resolution 2014-#3-Wage Schedule and Compensation Plan

Staff Report-Attach I-Resolution 2014-04

Attachment I-Resolution 2014-04-Adjusting Wastewater Rates

Staff Report-Attach J-Resolution 2014-05

Attachment J-Resolution 2014-15 Adopting Budget, Making Appropriations and Levying Tax

Staff Report-Attach K-Resolution 2014-06-State Revenue Sharing

Attachment K-Resolution 2014-#5-State Revenue Sharing

Staff Report-Attach L-Ordinance 2014-05

Attachment L-Ordinance 2014-05 Animal Control Amendment

Staff Report-Attachment M-Resolution 2014-#7

Attachment M-Resolution 2014-#7-Transferring Expenses between categories within the Wastewater Fund

May 30 2014

Tuesday, June 3rd Budget Committee

This will be a short Budget Committee meeting, primarily to conduct a Public Hearing on the use of the State Revenue Sharing funds.  These funds are estimated to be $7,500 for the 2014-15 fiscal year.  The funds must be used for a purpose that benefits the citizens of Adair Village.  There will also be a presentation and action on a change to the Wastewater Fund.

140603 Budget Comm Agenda-Draft

LB-1-Budget Financial Summary

LB2-3-4-Financial Summary by Fund

Wastewater Fund Update

Staff Report-Attachment J-Resolution 2014-05-Budget Approval

StaffReport-Attachment K-Resolution 2014-06-State Revenue Sharing

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