Dec 17 2014

Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping has been rescheduled for Friday, December 19th! Please remove you car from the street so that the sweeper is able to get to all areas of the road. Thanks.

Dec 03 2014

City Hall flag at half-staff today in honor of Bob King

The City Hall flag will be flying at half-staff today in honor of Bob King. Mr. King passed away on November 27th. The City would like to thank him for his many years of loyal service to the City and community.

Dec 01 2014

City Council Meets Tuesday, December 2 @ 6:00

The Adair Village City Council will meet at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 at City Hall.    Agenda and documents packet are below:

141202 Agenda-Final

Attachment A-141118 CC Minutes-Draft

Attachment B-Billings through December 2, 2014

Attachment C-CSO Report

Attachment D-Public Works Report 2014-11

  -  Attachment E-City Administrator’s Report

  -  Attachment G-StaffReport-Financial Report

Staff Report-Attachments H-1,-2,-3-City Administratot Succession

  -  Attachment H1-City Administrator

  -  Attachment H2-Finance Officer

  -  Attachment H-3 Competencies Responsibilities

StaffReport-Attachments I & J

  -  Attachment I-Business Plan-Hogan

  -  Attachment J-Business Plan-Rodriguez

Attachment K-StaffReport-Elections Results

  -  Attachment K-Election Results

Nov 26 2014

Parents Night Out

Need a date night? Want to start your holiday shopping? Drop your kids off for a night of games, crafts, and activities. The Parent’s Night Out will be on Friday, December 12th from 6:30 – 9:30 pm at City Hall. Snacks will be provided. Children must be at least 4 years of age and be potty trained to participate.


Space is limited so please RSVP by December 8 to Brittany at or 541-745-5507.


Nov 26 2014

Cookie Exchange


The first annual Adair Village Cookie Exchange will be on Thursday, December 18th at 7:00 pm at City Hall. Bring two dozen of your favorite cookie and copies of the recipe to share with your neighbors! Please arrange them on a platter or basket (get creative there will be a prize for best presentation). Bring a few extra to sample and share (at least 1 dozen). Don’t forget a bag or tray to take home your treats. Holiday attire encouraged. There will be prizes for most festive cookie, tastiest cookie, and best holiday attire.


Please RSVP by December 12 by calling Brittany at 541-745-5507 or emailing


Nov 15 2014


If you will be out of town for any extended period during the winter months and would like to have your water service turned off in case of a freeze, please contact City Hall at 541-745-5507.  We will work with you and turn off the water to help protect your home.

Many of the homes in the two loops have water pipes running through the attic and they are often not insulated.  It is worth your time and money to have a professional look at your system in your attic and make sure the pipes are insulated.

With winter comes the threat of damage to your home from snow, ice and freezing. Did you know that homeowners file five times as many claims for damage due to burst pipes than claims for fire damage? Protect your pipes with these tips.

Turn on the taps

Let the water drip in extreme cold. Even if the water does freeze, this will relieve some of the water pressure and keep the pipe from bursting.

Open cabinets

Leave the cabinets open under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. This keeps warm air circulating around your pipes.

Wrap the pipes

If your pipes are in areas that don’t get warm air, consider insulating them with insulation sleeves or wrapping. You can get foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves at your local hardware store, or call a plumber to do it for you.

Seal the gaps

Cracks in your home’s outside walls or foundation should be caulked to keep cold air away from your pipes.

Drain your pipes

If you’re taking a trip in the winter, consider draining your pipes to prevent them from bursting. Shut off the main valve and then turn on all the taps (hot and cold) and let the water run until the pipes are emptied.

Nov 13 2014

City Council and Joint Public Hearing November 18th

141118-Joint Public Hearing Agenda-Draft


The City Council meets at 6:00 PM and will continue through their agenda until 6:55 PM.  Then, they will close the Council meeting and move into the Joint Public Hearing at 7:00 PM.  City Planner Don Driscoll will present the update to the Comprehensive Plan.  City Council meeting may continue after the Joint Public Hearing.

141118 Agenda-Final

-  Attachment A-141007 CCMinutes-Draft

-  Attachment B-1 – Bills through 141022

-  Attachment B-2 – Bills through 141105

Attachment B-3 – Bills through 141118

-  Attachment C-Community Service Officer Report

-  Attachment D-Public Works Report

-  Attachment E-City Administrator’s Report

-  Attachment F-BCSO Report

StaffReport-Attachment G-Financial Reports

-  Attachment G-Financial Reports by Line Item

-  Attachment G1-Financial Reports by Fund

StaffReport-Attachment H-City Administrator Succes

-  Attachment H-1 Competencies Responsibilities

-  Attachment H-City Administrator Competencies sion

StaffReport-Attachment I-Coffee Shop LoI

Attachment I-Coffee Shop Letter of Intent

Nov 13 2014

Building Permits

As of December 01, 2014 the City will no longer taking permit applications. Permits will have to be filed with Benton County. More information can be found on their website, or by calling 541-766-6819.

Nov 05 2014

Leaf Pick Up

Leaf pickup days have been scheduled with Republic Services. There are three days scheduled, all are Mondays:

November 10th
November 24th
December 15th

We will have the streets swept on November 12th and probably December 16th.

Rake your leaves into the street the weekend before the pickups. Please move all cars off the streets between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm on November 10th and 12th. This will allow a thorough pickup and cleaning.

Oct 14 2014

Joint Public Hearing for Comprehensive Plan on November 18th

The Adair Village Planning Commission and City Council will hold a Joint Public Hearing on Tuesday, November 18, 2014, beginning at 7:00 PM.  This hearing will provide opportunity to the public to provide input on the update of the Adair Village Comprehensive Plan.   The joint Public Hearing will be followed by both a Planning Commission Meeting and a City Council Meeting.


The Comprehensive Plan has been under review and editing by the Planning Commission for over a year and by the City Council over the last three months.  The focus of the Planning Commission’s work has been the Goals and Policies portion of each of the eight Sections.  The attached narrative has also been updated by staff and is part of the complete rewrite of the Comprehensive Plan.  The nine sections (including the Map section) are available below.

Cover-Comprehensive Plan 2014

Table of Contents-2014 Comprehensive Plan

  -  Section 9.100 Planning

  -  Section 9.200 Environment

  -  Section 9.300 Population & Economy

  -  Section  9.400 Housing

  -  Section 9.500 Land Use

  -  Section 9.600 Public Facilities & Services

  -  Section 9.700 Transportation

  -  Section 9.800 Growth Management 

  -  Section 9.900 Maps

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